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An innovative, integrated vision of the fight against Alzheimer’s disease
The CIEN Foundation and the Queen Sofia Foundation share a common
perspective on action in relation to Alzheimer's disease: This disease requires
a comprehensive approach model where research should be one of
the fundamental pillars. The leading exponent of this integrative
model is the Queen Sofia Foundation Alzheimer Center, where the
main backbones of Alzheimer Project converge.

1. A live-in residence for 156 Alzheimer’s patients.
2. A day-care outpatient center for 40 Alzheimer’s patients.
3. An Alzheimer’s research center: the so-called Alzheimer's

    Project Research Unit (UIPA), managed by the CIEN
4. A training center for healthcare staff, relatives and

The management model implemented by the Queen Sofia
Foundation Alzheimer Center has sought to summon the will and
interests of all parties involved: Administration (Central, Regional and
Local) and civil society. For this reason, management of UIPA, devoted to
research, was assigned to CIEN Foundation, while the Ministry of Family and
Social Affairs of the Community of Madrid is responsible for healthcare and training activities.

                                   Focused on research in neurodegenerative diseases

                                       Among the tasks assigned to the CIEN Foundation include: implement a model
                                             of translational research for conveying effectively and efficiently scientific
                                                advances in basic research into clinical practice; promote continuous
                                                   training of professionals involved with neurological diseases research by
                                                      conducting seminars, lectures and doctoral theses; disseminate the
                                                       calls made by funding agencies, both nationally and internationally,
                                                        promoting participation; and foster the implementation of
                                                         coordinated research projects in neurological diseases.

                                                         In addition, CIEN Foundation manages other centers related to
                                                         neurodegenerative diseases research: the UIPA and Center for
                                                        Networked Biomedical Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases
                                                       (CIBERNED), and has collaboration agreements with the Carlos III
                                                      Institute of Health for the implementation of the strategic agenda of
                                                    the European Union Joint Programming in Neurodegenerative Diseases
                                                 (JPND), particularly Alzheimer's disease, and the Madri+D Knowledge
                                             Foundation to regulate the participation of the Foundation in the M + VISION
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