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1.1. Who we are

                                      A Foundation from the public sector
                                           The Research Center for Neurological Diseases (CIEN, for its acronym in
                                             Spanish) Foundation was established by resolution of the Council of
                                              Ministers on December 27, 2002. It is a non-profit public sector
                                              Foundation by definition, with state-wide scope and competence.
                                               Currently under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through
                                               the Carlos III Institute of Health.

                                             Support, promote and coordinate research in neurological diseases,
                                            but especially in neurodegenerative diseases, are among its founding
                                         objectives. Among its aims are also highlighted its unifying and
                                      coordinating role of leading research groups in this field.

    Collaboration with the Queen Sofia Foundation
    CIEN Foundation is one of the best examples of public-private
    collaboration in scientific research in Spain. Since its establishment,
    manages and coordinates the Alzheimer Project Research Unit (UIPA,
    from its acronym in Spanish), created by the Queen Sofia Foundation
    and located in the Alzheimer Center that bears its name.

    Since April 2007, CIEN Foundation headquarters are set at the
    Queen Sofia Foundation Alzheimer Center. This site located in the
    Madrid district of Vallecas, was conceived as a pioneer Center in
    Spain in which comprehensively address the impact that Alzheimer's
    disease causes on both patients and their family environment. It
    came to address the social health proposed by the Alzheimer Project
    of the Queen Sofia Foundation.

                                                            A Center of reference in Spain on Alzheimer’s disease research

                                            UIPA and CIBERNED are the only two institutions in Spain participating in the
                                               Èuropean Union Joint Programming for Disease Neudegenerative
                                                  Diseases (JPND). Its excellent infrastructures, modern methodologies
                                                   and cutting edge technologies at their disposal as well as the
                                                     available critical mass of researchers were the criteria most valued by
                                                     representatives of this organization after being proposed by the
                                                      Carlos III Institute of Health.

                                                     In addition, both CIEN Foundation as CIBERNED are integrated into
                                                    the international Network of Centers of Excellence in Research on
                                                   Neurodegeneration (COEN).
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